About Fellow Christ

Fellow Christ website was started in 2020. The domain www.fellowchrist.com has registered in 2018 and started working on it in the initial days, this website started as a social networking site because of the social networking website which people of our Christian community are using today getting worse day by day. Our children are getting used to that social media website which has many flaws. Many types of obscenity and fear of Christians are posted in those websites.

We started making Fellow Christ as a clean social networking website, a social network website where only Christian brothers and sisters can make their Christian friends and where there is no politics, where there is no talk of sex, only the words of the glory of Jesus Christ, which can inspire other people to increase the kingdom of Lord Jesus. Apart from this, there are many other services which are being given for Christians.

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By giving to the FellowChrist you are joining us as a partner in ministry, helping us reach people with hope locally and globally. We thank you for your partnership and are blessed to walk alongside you as we join God in advancing the gospel.

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What free service provided in FellowChrist?.

We provide a bunch of free services for Christians, some of them are listed below.

Social Network

Social Network allows you to keep in touch with fellow believers, as well as get to know new people and make friends. You can share your thoughts, photos, videos with others.

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Christian Song Book

Most popular section in fellowchrist website. In this section, we have tried to add song lyrics of all languages, you can use these song lyrics in your worship and share it with others.

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Church Projection

A new feature that we have started, we have designed a system to project song lyrics, Bible verses etc. Which we can project through projector or TV screen during any worship.

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Bible Verse Banner

Here you can make banners of your Bible verses, you can print it or share it on your social media platforms and on WhatsApp status so that the word of the Lord reache every people.

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Christian Videos

Here we share christian videos which are either ours or taken from some other video platforms like youtube. And users can upload their own videos in this section.

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Christian Audios

Here we share christian audios which are either ours or taken from some other audio/video platforms like youtube. And users can upload their own audio in this section.

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This is a very important feature for Christians nowadays. Here our youth can create matrimonial profile for themselves and find the right life partner for themselves.

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Prayer Network

Here we have tried to create a prayer network where those who need prayer can post their prayer request and they can pray for them after seeing their prayer request.

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Our App is 100% safe for your Android smartphone and tablet.

You can download and install APK file on your Android smartphone or tablet directly from your browser. Just click on download button, Once it's downloaded, open Downloads, tap on the APK file and tap Yes when prompted. Activate the Unknown Sources option to allow your phone to install app from sources other than the Google Play Store. The app will begin installing on your device.